19th Amendment Project | November 1st | 1:00PM


November 1st | 1:00PM | $6

The 19th Amendment Project is a collection of short plays all written by women and/or non-binary playwrights celebrating the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment and its ongoing impact in our world and politics of 2020. These plays were presented at the Burning Coal Theatre Company in Raleigh, NC earlier this year and Mad Cow Theatre is bringing them to Orlando and the ever-expanding virtual audience. 

The Tender-Hearted by Clare Bayley 
Ellen is leaving her rural home for the day to go into town and march at the Women’s rally, her husband, Tobias, has other plans for her.  Content Warning:  gun and animal violence

Inalienable Rights by Deb Margolin
A woman goes to her local precinct to vote before she has to pick up her daughter; but as soon as she gets into the voting booth, something strange happens.  Content Warning: profanity, sexism.

Ladies Are Waiting (LAW) by Carrie Knowles 
King Arthur is shocked when his wife, Guinevere, is planning a council known as the L.A.W, to help create equality for all the women in the kingdom.

How it works: First you must purchase access here, then you will be sent a link to a ZOOM webinar the morning of the performance(s) via email.