19th Amendment Project | October 24th


October 24th | 1:00PM | $6

The 19th Amendment Project is a collection of short plays all written by women and/or non-binary playwrights celebrating the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment and its ongoing impact in our world and politics of 2020. These plays were presented at the Burning Coal Theatre Company in Raleigh, NC earlier this year and Mad Cow Theatre is bringing them to Orlando and the ever-expanding virtual audience. 

Voter Registration Drive by Susana Cook 
Eva is helping women register to vote when she gets stuck in an elevator. To help her through this traumatic event, she recalls what the suffragettes in 1910’s went through.

Behold: Colored and Woman Inconceivable by MJ Perrin 
It’s been a long-held belief that the women in Mace’s family go insane. Mace’s mother believes that the cause is a cursed, old hand-me-down chest; she is determined to get rid of it while Mace is compelled to keep it. Regardless of one’s perspecKve, a treasure or a curse, Mace is certain that the women in her family are its guardians, willing to sacrifice their sanity protecting the history preserved inside.

Thunderclap by Tamara Kissane 
Parents Rachel and Jake are stoked that their daughter, Alice is now 18 and can vote, but she doesn’t believe that her vote will actually help.

How it works: First you must purchase access here, then you will be sent a link to a ZOOM webinar the morning of the performance(s) via email.