Collected Stories: A Livestream Play Reading


July 8th | 7:30PM
*suggested donation $5

Join us for a live reading of Don Margulies' two-woman drama, Collected Stories! We are bringing the story back to life with our original 2013 cast, Karel Wright (Outsider Mullingar, Top Girls) and Piper Rae Patterson. 

Collected Stories tells the story of grad student, Lisa, and her mentor, Ruth Stein. Over the years, Lisa becomes Ruth’s personal assistant and gradually her friend, as Ruth helps her hone her writing abilities. But as Lisa’s career begins to flourish and Ruth’s begins to fade, can the tenuous relationship between mentor and mentee survive ambition, rivalry, and eventual betrayal? Collected Stories explores the complicated relationship between two independent women as they struggle to define what, if anything, is off-limits in art.

How it works: Access to the virtual reading is FREE, but patrons must register to receive an access to the livestream in their email the day before the event.