Sapience by Diana Burbano - A Virtual Play Reading


Sapience by Diana Burbano
Saturday, August 15th | 7:00PM | FREE*

*$10 suggested donation

Primatologist Dr. Elsa Abello is on the autism spectrum, and has successfully hidden this fact from the world for her entire career. She is working with an orangutan named Wookie, whom she hopes to prove is capable of speaking human language. Elsa’s 12 year old nephew, A.J., is also on the Autism spectrum. He is “locked in” and completely non-verbal. When A.J. and Wookie joyously discover that they can communicate with one other, Elsa's carefully constructed, science-based worldview is blown apart, and she is forced to drop the mask of seeming normalcy she has worn her whole life.

How it works: First you must register for the reading here, then you will be sent a link to a ZOOM webinar the morning of the performance via email.